Best Value
Enjoy this beautiful and historic stretch of river that has changed little since Lewis & Clark marveled at its “scenes of visionary enchantment.” This section of the Wild and Scenic Missouri River is famous to history buffs for its Lewis & Clark history, Native American significance, steamboat history, and for…
3-7 Days
This is a relatively leisurely float in the Wolf Creek Canyon area, with a fast current and a few riffles, with no rapids or white water. Here you can relive part of the Lewis and Clark journey by actually floating the river like Lewis and Clark did.
1/2 Day
If you have a desire to experience the river and countryside little changed from what Lewis and Clark saw 200 years ago as they prepared to portage around the Great Falls, try this exciting trip.
1/2 Day
The Dearborn River is a little known but beautiful tributary of the Missouri, and is one of Montana’s most scenic rivers. It is a small, remote river that carves a spectacular canyon through rugged, volcanic rock. The highly picturesque Dearborn gets its start high in Scapegoat Wilderness, and carves a…
1 Day
The Blackfoot River is one of the finest rivers in Montana. Exceptional mountain scenery, classic trout habitat and a wide variety of river flows including mellow stretches and some whitewater sections combine to make a trip on the Blackfoot River an enjoyable and memorable one.
1 Day
The Alberton Gorge of the Clarkfork is the biggest whitewater in our area, full of roller coaster waves and fun Class II and III rapids in a spectacular canyon with dramatic rose colored cliffs, that attracts paddlers from around the state. Warm water and quiet pools between rapids make this…
4 Days
Belt Creek is truly a hidden gem in central Montana. While called a creek, it is larger than some rivers, and allows for floating sections of it during the higher water times of May and into July some years. And the absolute pinnacle of Belt Creek is the Sluice Box…
1 Day